About Us


It is that place you were searching for to change your habits once and for all!

The Health and Nutrition Lounge presents itself as a warm welcoming and friendly environment where Friends find the professional help needed to start with their weight management process. What will attract your curiosity is a lounge ambiance far from the clinical setting yet very professional. You will be dealing with trained clinical dieticians, licensed to consult all range of clients and all medical condition. From the moment you step in the Lounge, you will be part of a multidisciplinary team that will support your change.

Your team is composed of:

  • A clinical dietician to review your history and needs and recommend the necessary plan.
  • A food production nutritionist to forecast your needs and serving size and monitor the hygiene of the kitchen premises.
  • An executive chef to prepare your healthy meal and add your favorite spices and tastes.
  • A packaging team to arrange your meal box and monitor its content.
  • A customer care agent to make sure your needs and requirements are satisfied.
  • And a delivery person to make sure your food reaches you at the tight time in the right place.

The Health and Nutrition Lounge is the place where you visit your clinical dietician on regular basis:
During your first visit you will have the chance to open up and discuss with her your expectations, weight history, health status, needs and wishes in a warm environment that will encourage you to stay for longer to enjoy a coffee together. After that, your clinical dieticians will propose a certain frequency of visits to monitor your progress. During those follow ups, you will be evaluated in terms of weight and fat distribution but mainly in terms of behavioral change and satisfaction.


Our Cafe is the Only Cafe in Dubai to offer a complete menu of delicious healthy food, all calorie counted and suitable for diabetics, in a trendy and relaxing ambiance. Located at theDeira Branch at Jannati Health Spa at Dubai Women's Association. Join us for a healthy meal or drink or pick up your favorite desserts of the day!

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